Celebrate is a project that started in a simple way in 2015, but reached the goal of amazing and entertaining the public through attractions on small stages located by the line-up and crowded areas outside the City of Rock. This year we will have two stages. One located at the first-class entrance, and another at the entrance used by those who come via regular transport (bus, BRT and bicycle). Both will have interactive and dynamic shows. Some of the attractions include:

- Sax in the Beats: two street artists that exploded and are now known throughout Brazil. The band brings a perfect blend of art, comedy, music and entertainment.

- Bagunço: The band is known for improvisations full of energetic blows.

- Astro Venga: A trio that is complete in musical affinity and experimentation. Astro Venga is a mobile-sustainable band that touches on national and international issues, alternating with authentic versions and visceral performances.