Did you know...

...it takes 30,000 kva of electricity, which is enough to light up a town of 50,000 inhabitants?

... the noise impact on the festival perimeter is controlled and traffic signals were installed in the surrounding area?

... there will be 90 hours of images broadcast on TV and the Internet?

... there are 1,000 bathrooms connected to the public sewer system?

... the current City of Rock has the biggest sound system mounted in the world?

... there are 2000 garbage cans and a cooperative waste processing program in the City of Rock?

... 60 people will be working exclusively on alcohol control and awareness?

... there will be 84 stores in Rock City?

... 82 brands will be present at Rock in Rio?

... more than 600 licensed products will be for sale?

... the whole event will be more than 98 hours?

... the event will have over 30 shows per day?

... more than 1,500 artists will take part?

... a modern surveillance system was mounted in the City of Rock?

... 3 million[1]  trees were installed in the new City of Rock?


Total energy of the City of Rock: 30,000 KVA

10,000 jobs created in setting up the City of Rock

Entrance/turnstiles: 80 turnstiles, divided across two gates (one on Abelardo Bueno and the other for First Class entry) allow the public enter the event

City of Rock Perimeter: 3,550 m

Total area of the City of Rock: 300,000 m²

Synthetic Grass: 80,000 m² of artificial turf was installed in the City of Rock

Lighting and Sound: The City of Rock received over 10,000 tons of equipment and 120 kilometers of sound, video and power cables

not 3,000