The Digital Stage is one of Rock in Rio’s new attractions: an exclusive space for the phenomena of the digital world. Musicians, dance groups, comedians and vloggers make up the line-up. "We want to bring the live experience of everything in entertainment that matters to our audience to the City of Rock," said Roberta Medina, vice president of Rock in Rio. And from this comes the Digital Stage, a space that brings the digital culture to the real world through shows ranging from musicians to vloggers, dance groups and comedians, the true phenomena of online entertainment, which use social media as their main communication channel to interact with their thousands of admiring fans.

THe line-up includes names like Whindersson Nunes, Christian Figueiredo, Poladoful and Felipe Castanhari, who will each headline the stage for a day of the festival. There will be four hours of attractions per day. Fans can also interact and talk with artists, as well as take pictures and get autographs in various meet-and-greets organized by the sponsors of the space.

The Digital Stage is a unique partnership between Rock in Rio and Digital Stars, the top talent agency for influencers in the country.

Scenography: 26m x10m

Scenographic Material: ACM panels

Stage Front: 10 meters

Height: 1.5m