The top Brazilian and international electronic music artists will take the stage at Rock in Rio 2017. There will be performances every day of the festival, promising not to let anyone down. Those checking out the stage can be sure they are seeing the leading names of the genre. Artists such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Carl Cox, Steve Aoki, among many other famous names, have all previously taken the stage, which has a curator that is ahead of his time.

Sponsor: Heineken

Size: 10-meter stage | 40m in diameter x 20m high, with transparent canvas and lycra strips

Total Weight: 30 tons

Distance to the Audience: only 1 meter

Sound: 1.5 tons | Lighting: 2 tons

Set Design: The 40-meter (diameter) space has a futuristic look inspired by the shape of a robotic spider, with 11-meter pillars resembling giant legs and projecting images onto a wall.

Total Shows: 39 performances during the 7-day festival