Bondinho do Pão de Açúcar




Approach took on the Sugar Loaf cable car’s communications in 2015 with the aim of developing an Integrated Communication Plan. To start the work, we conducted a communication diagnosis which included monitoring and analyzing social networks and mapping stakeholders.



We recommended that they integrate their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles and align their discourse, making sure that all of communication had the same objective of highlighting the cable car’s history and its emotional connection with the city of Rio de Janeiro.

We have developed digital marketing campaigns, such as activities promoting New Year’s Eve on Urca Mountain in 2016, with sponsored posts and real-time page updates, in Portuguese and English. The campaign, which was aligned with digital influencers’ activity, resulted in high levels of engagement and an immediate increase in ticket sales.

Besides media updates, we dedicated ourselves to monitoring and analysis to identify trending topics on digital media, enabling us to identify opportunities and monitor Complexo Turístico’s reputation, an icon of the Rio of landscape. 


With the merging of the name to form “The Sugarloaf Cable Car”, the Facebook page began to register an organic growth rate of 1,000 users per month and, on Instagram, the cable car was named by the newspaper O Globo one of 5 profiles that represent Rio de Janeiro, being the only picture postcard of the city in the top 5. Today, the Tourist Complex, one of the most beloved picture postcard landscapes in Brazil, has strengthened its relationship with international media and influencers, hosting at least one international outlet per week.