Coca-Cola Brazil, a company which runs a recycling agenda as well as a range of other social and environmental responsibility projects, entrusted Approach with the mission of producing its sustainability report, guided by the Global Report Initiative (GRI) methodology. We collaborated with a technical consultant to capture up-to-date data about Coca-Cola beverage factories across Brazil.


For each approach, as well as putting forward necessary information, it was necessary to make internal audiences aware of the importance of the report, explaining the methodology and driving engagement towards an organic project which would unite information about indicators and reporting. We created a team of 15 people, made up of representatives in the areas of writing, design, graphic production and internal and external consultants certified by GRI, forming a true taskforce.


The final product earned us the Aberje Award Rio de Janeiro/Espirito Santo, in the print media category, and revealed the essence of Coca-Cola Brazil: an organization which is pulsing, alive, and transforms every day, and which has dedicated itself to revising its processes and monitoring its production.