Museu de Arte do Rio



Approach Communication has been responsible for Rio Art Museum’s (MAR) press office since before its inauguration, in March of 2013. As the first big revitalization project in the Port Zone of Rio, the MAR hosts temporary exhibitions which represent a diverse reading of the city’s history, its social fabric, symbolic life, challenges and hopes, as well as hosting its own archive.

Our initial challenge was to create and disseminate the content of a ‘museum in the making’ and attract audiences from across all areas of the city and from diverse social backgrounds. To achieve this, the press office took on the challenge of demystifying the museum space, often thought of as an intimidating place. Our work also consisted of disseminating the space across the country and of ensuring the museum remains considered one of the city and country’s principal attractions in order to increase the number of visitors to exhibitions.


Activities such as the Battle of Knowledge, ‘Passinho’ dance lessons, birthday parties and Children’s Day, amongst others, were presented to journalists from popular publications and suggested as hooks for stories about the MAR. Free entry on exhibition opening days, pre-arranged gallery discussions which bring visitors together with artists and curators, are also always well-advertised. In order to run activities in different places, we divulge our schedule to tourist agencies and focus on local contact with artists’ home cities.


The MAR curatorial program is a reference in quality and its exhibitions are always prominent in big newspapers and specialized art publications. In its two years of existence, the museum has received around 250 thousand visitors and has been the focus of 6 thousand print and digital materials. The Favela News Agency, for example, has become one of the museum’s major partners, publishing all of the museum’s programs and participating. In 2015, Approach also created a publication entitled The Report of MAR Management.