Rock in Rio



For 15 years Approach has been responsible for disseminating Rock in Rio both in Brazil and across the world. Over the years, we have developed our own communication management methodology for mega events and we follow all of Rock in Rio’s strategic activities closely, such as its brand exportation to Portugal, Spain and the United States.



As well as writing press reports and attending the press, Approach organizes activities prior to the events and functions as a point of contact for sponsors, partners, city government and Ministers of Tourism and Education press offices.



Along the many years of Approach’s work with Rock in Rio, we have managed to strengthen the brand’s presence in the national entertainment market, with extensive qualitative exposure of the festival, positioning and consolidating the event (and its spokespersons) as a reference in the show business industry. To understand the breadth and impact of the event in the press, for the 2013 edition alone, more than 29 thousand materials were published across the country. This generated a financial return equivalent to R$610 million. The return for spontaneous media content for the 2015 edition exceeded our expectation even further: it was equivalent to R$720 million.