The fireworks at Rock in Rio will be the largest display of any edition, with 4.5 tons of explosives shot off from 18 sites. Seven barges will be placed in Jacarepagua Lagoon for the pyrotechnic shows, which take place three times per day during the 7-day festival.

Designed by Vision Show exclusively for Rock in Rio, the fireworks shows will take place when the gates open, and at the opening and closing of the World Stage. The fireworks will be fired from eleven points on top of the stage, as well as seven barges. The fireworks will be synchronized with a light, audio and special effects show and will cover a radius of 500 meters, being visible from various points of the City of Rock and the surrounding area.

"We consider the fireworks an attraction of Rock in Rio, in addition to the shows, rides and drones. Preparations for the fireworks display are huge and take 30 days between assembly, execution and disassembly," says Ricardo Acto, vice president of event operations. According to him, all the technical operation of the fireworks will be done using modern technology via radio frequency, which will monitor and trigger each of the 18 sites remotely. "In addition to the seven barges, we also use speedboats, fiber tubes for coupling, electronic equipment for the management of the explosions, platforms with articulating arms for mounting and unmounting, and a team of ten people made up of pyrotechnic and marine professionals" .