The City of Rock will have a space dedicated to the world of games this edition. Two giants of entertainment - Rock in Rio and Comic Con Experience - will bring Game XP to the festival, one of the new attractions of Rock in Rio 2017.

The new partnership will bring the live gaming experience to the festival. Occupying two of Olympic arenas that are integrated into the new City of Rock, visitors will find attractions such as an eSports arena, auditoriums for talks with producers, creators and other professionals of the segment, celebrity battles and sales stands from major brands to demonstrate their new releases, among other things. This is available to all visitors of Rock in Rio during the seven-day event.

Game XP will be an annual event in Rio de Janeiro. The goal is to put the event on the official calendar of the Marvelous City, just like Carnival, New Year's Eve and Rock in Rio itself, thus helping support tourism in the city, especially in low season. "Events such as Rock in Rio bring numerous benefits to all sectors and the arrival of other events is paramount. What we do with CCXP will be a revolution in the world of events," guarantees Medina.

How will GameXP work?

GameXP is a partnership between two giants of Brazilian entertainment: Rock in Rio and CCXP - Comic Con Experience. The event will take place in two Olympic arenas during Rock in Rio 2017 and will offer experiences related to gaming, such as areas for playing the latest releases, retro arcades and eSports battles on an exclusive stage, also featuring exhibitors from the gaming industry, activities and exclusive content during each day of the festival.

Game XP was born at this edition of Rock in Rio and is designed to bring the world of gaming to both eSports fans and casual gamers. More than the largest festival of music and entertainment in the world, Rock in Rio is a place where lovers of pop culture meet. And in this universe, games cannot be left out. Game XP, which will be held in Carioca arenas 1 and 2, is divided into three areas:

●     Experience Bay - an open area where people will find experiences related to games. It will be like an amusement park where people can interact with their favorite characters from the gaming world.


●     Expo Play Arena - located in Carioca Arena 2, Arena Expo Play is where top names in the gaming industry, eSports and entertainment offer experiences and free trials of games to visitors of Rock in Rio. It will have a "Free Play" area with the latest video game releases, a "retro" arcade with the old classics, and Art Street, where more than 50 artists inspired by the universe of gaming and music will exhibit and sell their original art works and much more.


●     Gaming Arena - the most immersive experience in gaming. A screen of more than 1,400 m² (the largest gaming screen in the world!) and a light show, where celebrities battle with the audience. For example, guests can challenge a UFC fighter to a round of Street Fighter, with an audience of 1,500 people cheering them on live. An orchestra will play the classic game tracks while the audience has fun with exhibition matches between amateur players, celebrities and professional gamers. 


Powerful Brands Invade Expo Play (Arena Carioca 2)

Carioca Arena 2 will be officially named Expo Play and will become an exhibition area for segment players, with stands offering trials and free play, where visitors can play the biggest market launches. Confirmed exhibitors include NBA FanZone, presented by Cisco. In a 1,000 m² area, basketball fans will have memorable experiences that mix sport and technology, with nobody being left out.

There is also GameZone, which is an area dedicated to arcades, with retro classics from the arcade halls of old. All this is free to ticket holders of Rock in Rio.

Experience Bay will be set up just outside the arenas and will feature activities that replicate, in real size, the levels of a game and allow guests to experience games in real life. Games include Mario Bros Parkour, a circuit inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Brothers, Angry Birds, where the audience can physically play with the raging birds; and a mega-circuit of Assassin's Creed Origins that simulates a real level of the new Ubisoft release.

Other confirmed activities include Art Street, an area dedicated exclusively to illustrators and artists with pieces related to at the pop culture universe, as well as the Game XP Cosplay Contest, a cosplay competition that, among other things, offers the winner a trip to the finals of CCXP 2017 in São Paulo.

Game XP Attractions:

- Stands with new releases

- Experiences related gaming

- Art Street (a space dedicated to illustrators and artists with pieces geared towards the universe of gaming and music where they can display and sell their work)

- Game XP Cosplay Contest, featuring celebrity guests

Biggest Gaming Screen in the World

Game XP, one of the attractions of Rock in Rio 2017, will amaze lovers of the gaming universe with the biggest gaming screen in the world. Installed in space named Oi Gaming Arena (Carioca Arena 1), the "superscreen" is 75 meters long and 20 meters high, for a total of 1450 m² of projection - surpassing the 1,414 m² screen featured in Churchill, Canada (the biggest ever until now). With 15 days until the start of the world's biggest music festival, the “superscreen” is already set up.

On a stage fit for a great show, visitors can watch the best gamers in Brazil battle each other with play-by-play and commentary by the biggest names in eSports.  Classic game soundtracks, performed by a live band and DJ, promise to excite the audience. In the arena, where we will have the general public and celebrities, confirmed games include: CS:Go, Injustice 2, Clash Royale, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 and Just Dance. In addition, Disney will take the stage of the arena and invade the lawn of Rock in Rio with a special presentation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

In addition to the biggest gaming screen ever seen in the world, right at the main gate of the City of Rock, where the Arenas are located, the entrance to Game XP promises be an attraction in itself. The public will be welcomed by a sculpture of an eight-meter giant (affectionately nicknamed Boss) created by the team from the Portela samba school. Two 9x4 meter LED screens on each side are also part of the structure that will display the programming of Game XP, game scenes and even what's going on at Rock in Rio. They will call the attention of passersby and invite the public to experience one of the newest attractions of Rock in Rio.

Hours of Operation

2:00 pm to 10:00 pm

About CCXP

The CCXP Comic Con Experience is an event that is already part of the cultural calendar of the country. It brings together fans, artists, professionals and comic, film, TV, gaming, anime, RPG, memorabilia, science fiction and collectibles companies to learn about the latest developments in these areas and a great celebration of the geek universe and pop culture.