It could even be its own gastronomic event, but it is Gourmet Square: a 1,000 m² area with about 500 seats in an air-conditioned environment inside the City of Rock. Fourteen bars and restaurants will offer snacks and meals to the public in a unique environment for this edition of Rock in Rio. The delicacies range from vegan food, through to Japanese cuisine and typical Brazilian dishes, such as feijoada and northeastern foods. In total, there are more than 80 dining options during the 7-day event.

The environment, inspired by the famous Ribeira Market in Portugal, will feature famous chefs such as Roberta Sudbrack, Jimmy Ogre and Pedro Benoliel and restaurants Açougue Vegano, Famiglia Rivitti, Di Blasi, On Japa, Serta Norte, Gouranga Veggie, Melhor Pastel do Mundo, Feijú do Benola, Botero, Deli Delícia and Bar Central.

The menu options are varied. At Açougue Vegano, for example, the choices include shiitake, jackfruit and spinach dumplings (R$10.00 each). At Famiglia Rivitti, a complete pernil sandwich for R$25. At Di Blasi, a large margherita pizza costs R$55. For those looking for a lighter option, at On Japa you can get a 16-piece sushi combo for R$33.20. At Serta Norte, the suggestion is not so light, but it is very appetizing: artisanally-prepared sun-dried meat pulled and grilled in clarified butter with crispy golden manioc (R$30). And how about a trio of rolls from Gouranda Veggie, with spicy vegetables, feta cheese and spinach and heart of palm with broccoli, accompanied by sweet chili sauce for R$15.00? If the choice is a Brazilian pastry, flavor options abound: angus beef, stroganoff, shrimp, cod, cheese, apple cinnamon, banana and nutella...there is no shortage of options. Prices range from R$10 to R$12. Chef Pedro Benoliel runs two restaurants, one that carries his name and Feijú do Benola. The first is dedicated to sandwiches, with the highlight being the breaded-steak sandwich with truffle cream cheese on ciabatta bread. At Feijú do Benola, the suggestion is brisket with potatoes sprinkled with sausage and fresh herbs for R$20. Chef Roberta Sudbrack will serve hot dogs, SudDogs, and also created all-new sandwich options for Rock in Rio. Jimmy Ogro also opted for sandwiches, but of the artisanal variety, with slow-cooked meats, "those that break apart on their own," he explains. One of the highlights is the ‘Brunken Bull’, featuring 200 grams of brisket that was baked for 12 hours in spices and black beer and pulled and served on a round brioche bun.