With more space, the comfort Rock in Rio will offer visitors to the City of Rock every day is more than guaranteed. The World, Sunset, Electronic and Street Dance stages will be arranged so that the audience can move more easily and enjoy the space in its entirety. Rock Street, which this year is inspired by Africa, will be even more colorful with a large wooded area and two artificial lakes covering 1,640 square meters.

Other attractions of this edition include Gourmet Square, Rock District and the Digital Stage. The first is a dining area inspired by the famous Ribeira Market in Lisbon. The space will be air conditioned and feature 1,000 m² of dining area and seat 630 people, in addition to those circulating the area, with restaurants from top chefs. As for Rock District, it is a tribute to great names from the world of music. In the space there will be a new stage where local artists will celebrate great national and international successes that have previously taken part in Rock in Rio. Rock in Rio Boulevard will be a walk of fame - like in Los Angeles - that will honor great artists from around the world. And if the floor will be covered in stars, the walls will not be left out: as many celebrities will leave their hand prints etched in concrete in the Rock in Rio Wall of Fame. For the Digital Stage, the phenomena of the Internet will leave behind their computer screens and have direct contact with the Rock in Rio audience on a stage devoted entirely to them. The line-up includes musical performances, chats, comedy, quizzes, voice-over and even magic shows starring the top performers of the digital world.

Game XP is a new attraction this edition, offering a new experience in gaming events in the country and taking place throughout the 7-day event. In the space, which will occupy two Olympic arenas that are integrated into the new City of Rock, visitors will find attractions such as an eSports arena and auditoriums for talks with producers, creators and other professionals of the segment, celebrity battles and sales stands of major brands for demonstrations of new releases, among others. All this available to all visitors to Rock in Rio during the 7-day event.

This is the seventh City of Rock built by the festival - four in Rio de Janeiro plus those in Lisbon, Madrid and Las Vegas. Like its predecessors, this edition brings a true urban project to ensure the best possible experience for the audience. In the circulation schemes for visitors, underground wiring, sound and lighting infrastructure, synthetic grass installation and distribution services, there is a Rock in Rio that the public never sees. Altogether are more than 10 tons of equipment, 120 kilometers of cables, more than a thousand toilets connected to the public sewer system, 2000 garbage cans and a cooperative waste processing programs, as well as 80,000 square meters of synthetic grass, 1 million watts of sound or 30,000 kva of electricity.



Mapa Cidade FIM.JPG




  1. Bob's (5): next to the Sunset Stage, on both sides of the World Stage, next to Rock Street Africa and at the entrance of Rock District
  2. Habib's (2): next to the Sunset Stage, next to the World Stage
  3. Família Rivitti (1): at the entrance to the Electronic Stage
  4. Batata no Cone (1): next to the Sunset stage
  5. Big Daddy (1): next to the Sunset stage
  6. Boteco do Amaral (1): next to the roller coaster


  1. Nissin (2)
  2. Boteco do Amaral (1)
  3. Batata no Cone (1)
  4. Domino’s (2)
  5. Benkei (1)
  6. Las Empanadas (1)
  7. Geneal (1)
  8. Habib's (2)
  9. Ragazzo (1)

KIOSKS (scattered around the City of Rock)

1.    Habib's (ice cream) (4)

2.    Souza Cruz (3)


  1. Bob's (4)
  2. Habib's (2)
  3. Natural de Petrópolis (1)
  4. Casa do Alemão (2)
  5. Domino’s (1)
  6. Fornalha (1)
  7. Ornellas (1)
  8. Pastel do Carioca (1)
  9. Expresso Tapioca (1)
  10. Batata no Cone (2)
  11.  La Furgoneta (1)
  12. Prezunic (2)