Rock in Rio 2017 aims to become a model of accessibility for festivals around the the world, bringing to the new City of Rock planned routes, viewing platforms and interactivity that have never been seen before. People with mobility difficulties will not be restricted to staying only on the viewing platforms of the stage, everyone should be encouraged and provided the opportunity to make the most of each attraction of the festival, from a tour of Rock Street to a ride on the zip line.


Through the actions below, Rock in Rio aims to provide a great experience for people with special needs, whether permanent or temporary, such as people with physical disabilities, hearing impairments, vision problems and intellectual disabilities, as well as pregnant women, the elderly, breastfeeding mothers, people with reduced mobility and the obese.


- Identification

It begins with ticket registration. Customers can specify their needs so that we can prepare in advance to meet their requests, offering increased comfort and convenience.


- Viewing Platforms

Located in strategic places next to the stage. Clients with special needs have the right to bring one guest to the platforms.


- Exclusive Parking

Through the bracelet registry, clients can submit medical forms. Those eligible by law will receive exclusive parking spaces and a sticker to access the free parking for people with special needs.


- Shuttles

Exclusive vans equipped for people with special needs will leave two locations (Shopping Metropolitan and the Olympic BRT terminal), dropping off clients right at the entrance to the City of Rock.


- Golf Carts

Routes with nine exclusive golf carts for people with special needs that are equipped with ramps for easy access for wheelchair users. The carts will offer support to ensure access to all attractions at Rock in Rio, allowing full exploration of the City of Rock.


- Exclusive Bathrooms

Twenty-two exclusive bathrooms for people with special needs scattered around the City of Rock, with two located near the viewing platforms for the shows.


- Workshop

In order to prevent wheelchair users from having a compromised experience due to damage to their chairs, we will have an area to repair any damage that take place during the festival.


- Tactile floor

Installed in strategic locations to facilitate the mobility of the visually impaired.


- Delivery

Partner food and drink companies will make deliveries for all those who are on the viewing platforms and want to order without having to go to the service desk. The service will be offered at an extra cost.


- Adapted Zip Line

Proper chair to climb the stairs and take a ride.