A neighborhood called Rock District will come to life in the new City of Rock, which opens to the public on September 15. More comfort, more space, more good energy and content. In this area there will be a surprise around every corner. The first, a stage that will receive intimate concerts and laid-back national artists: Dinho Ouro Preto, Rogério Flausino, Wilson Sideral, Rodrigo Santos, George Israel, and bands Jamz and Kisser Clan, Evandro Mesquita, the Fabulous TAB and the Silva's. They will offer the audience shows that cover their entire careers. The Rock Street Band, a band formed especially for the Rock in Rio, will also play two shows per day.

On the bohemian Fame Street, fun attractions will take over the street, bringing the entire audience into the party. Choreographer Regina Sauer and Cia Nós da Dança will revisit the iconic music scenes emblematic of Hollywood films, such as Dirty Dancing, Footloose and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Violin trio Tritony will make vigorous performances of rock and pop classics. The award-winning group Passinho Style will make everyone dance to unexpected rhythms ranging from AC/DC to Michael Jackson, while Rodrigo Shá will wander through all the presentations with his irresistible sax, leaving audience all the more excited. Interaction is the word of the day, nobody will be standing still.

In front of Fame Street, the ground is covered with the stars of Rock in Rio Boulevard, just as in Hollywood. It is time to honor to the world of music. And if the ground will be covered in stars, the walls will not be left out. Many celebrities will leave their hand prints etched in concrete on the Rock in Rio Wall of Fame.