In 2015, the customer service and support team worked in many different areas, such as operating a lost and found and aiding in event management, as well as providing support in public management through “braceleting” (minors, police and special needs) and the "Smile Now" project.

This year, the team will be dedicated exclusively to meeting the problem-solving needs of the public - with the outsourcing of the lost and found - thus providing a more effective response.

Another addition this year will be the operation of three (3) customer service centers. Two inside the City of Rock focused on service, guidance and solving the problems of our customers more quickly, and another near the JECrim, aiming to support customers who have been victims of any crime during the festival.

Still speaking of news, another innovation will be the "Pope Line", aiming to speed up the service and make it more convenient with a reduction of lines at peak times. Employees will be arranged in the external area of the customer service center and limit care to less complex situations, such as guidance, referrals and the delivery of gifts for "Smile Now."