Street Dance is a stage dedicated to street dance. With a lot of technique and creativity, the dancers of the resident crew perform daily shows, always influenced by the style of each days line-up. The audience, of course, does not miss out and interacts with the artists, not only watching the presentations, but also learning some dance moves.

The Street Dance Stage brings to Rock in Rio various elements of urban art that can be seen in the dance as well as the staging. Containers covered in graffiti by artists Toz, Tinho, Mateu Velasco, Ramon Martins and BR surround the stage.

The resident dancers, Rock in Rio Dance Crew, will feature even more diversity this edition. Altogether there are 14 members, with one wheelchair dancer, Wellington from Espirito Santo, and a drag queen. The rhythms are varied, ranging from rock to hip-hop.

Also new this year is special guest Andef, a wheelchair group from Niterói that will perform during the 7-day event. The BBoys will not be left out. The boys, who are known for true madness, juggling and a lot of head dance, were tapped to pump up the audience and participate in various dance battles. The choreographies will mirror the style of each day, including influences of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Guns 'N' Roses, The Who, Aerosmith and more.

Stage: 35m x 7m

Scenographic Material: Shipping containers covered in graffiti

Stage Front: 23m

Height: 1m