For the second year, seven couples will officially marry at the City of Rock. They were chosen in a contest that had over 1,300 applications. Weddings will be held in the chapel mounted in the City of Rock with a justice of the peace and all the traditions that govern the moment.

The winners of the promotion are Cristiana Cartolano and Leonardo Veloso of Maricá (RJ); Flávia Carreiro and Sergio Silva of Rio de Janeiro; Rita Magna and Thales Aguilar of Itaobim (MG); Larissa Dallabrida and Luiza Koech of Lages (SC); Victor Lamanna and Mariana Barbosa of Rio de Janeiro; Rafael Carvalho and Regina Moreira of Rio de Janeiro; and Maria Cecília Oliveira and Marina Silva of Mauá (SP). The couples participated in a contest sponsored by Chilli Beans, which is a co-sponsor of the chapel and supporter of the festival, to win a wedding dress made and signed by designer Marcelo Sommer.

Couples have taken the measurements of their fingers for the making of the rings - a gift that will be offered by jeweler Monte Carlo - and the girls have already tried out the makeup with professionals from Maybelline.

According Agatha Areas, marketing director of Rock in Rio, "the criteria for choosing these seven couples were emotion, originality, grace or the curiosity of each of their love stories". The executive also noted that marriages are for real, with the right to a judge, wedding attire, a bouquet and all the bride and groom want to bring for their day. "It's a very special event for everyone: the couples, the public, the producers involved in the ceremonies, and the whole team of Rock in Rio. We get carried away by the atmosphere of joy, love and celebration. It is a very special process", she says.

09/15/2017 Lady Gaga - Maria Cecilia and Marina

09/16/2017 Maroon 5 - Cristiana and Leonardo

09/17/2017 Justin Timberlake - Larissa and Luiza

09/21/2017 Aerosmith - Flavia and Sergio

09/22/2017 Bon Jovi - Weddings Chilli Beans

09/23/2017 Guns “N” Roses & The Who - Rafel and Regina

09/24/2017 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Magna and Thales

09/25/2017 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mariana and Victor