A classic of the festival, this year’s World Stage will feature projection effects on its facade.

Size: 25 meters high x 86 long, with a 24-meter stage front

Total Weight: 400 tons (including lighting, sound and set design)

Distance to the Audience: Only eight meters separate the stage from the audience

Sound: 20 tons. The sound system of the World Stage covers a 600-meter radius

Lighting: 32 tons

Special Lighting for the Center Screen: 100 moving LEDs

Set Design: 2m x 4m curved and convex plates with moving lights that will create more movement on the stage

Screens: The set includes three screens, with two side screens that are 8.32m by 4.32m. The stage also features a large center screen that is 20m by 16m, filling the entire background of the stage

Number of Shows: 28 performances over the 7-day festival