Alesso started his career inside his bedroom, at home in Stockholm, creating edits of other artists’ songs. Today, at 27 years of age and with over 5 million followers online and millions of views on YouTube, the Swedish artist collects awards and is constantly at the top of charts around the world. The power, the soul, and the melody of his songs have been taking his house music to different settings, from videogame soundtracks to major events in the world of fashion. His debut track “Heroes (we could be)” featuring Tove Lo was streamed over 310 times and reached the Top 10 Airplay in the UK and in the USA, totaling over 1.5 billion plays around the world to date. His most recent album, FOREVER, debuted as the top electronic album in the country on iTunes. He is currently headlining some of the largest festivals in the world.  On October 5, Alesso will move the audience in the City of Rock and make it dance and jump at the New Dance Order stage.