On September 27, the Mundo Stage will receive Alok, one of the world's greatest names in electronic music. Famous for his incredible live performances and for providing the audience with a unique experience in every show, the Brazilian DJ is also a pioneer in the creation of a subgenre with techno and house influences.


With countless tours and performances all around the world, Alok has established himself as one of the great DJs of the musical scene, a recognition that also came by means of several awards and nominations along his career.

Alok was the only Brazilian to make the Billboard Dance 100 list and is also #13 in DJ Bag's Top 100 DJs. Alok is considered a veritable hit machine, including: "Hear Me Now", "Never Let Me Go", "United", "Favela" and the recently released "Innocent". He has more than 8 million monthly listeners in music apps and more than 1.9 million subscribers in YouTube.