Anavitória e Saulo will be presenting their Bahia-born groove on Oct 5, with other folk-pop acts at the Sunset Stage. Award-winning duo Anavitória has won a Latin Grammy and their single “Fica” has gone double platinum. Singer Saulo, who has risen to prominence as the lead singer of Banda Eva Band for over ten years, with hits such as “Não Preciso Mudar” and “Anjo”, has been in a solo career since 2013. He has currently embarked on a number of tours to support his work.

About Anavitória 

Ana and Vitoria have been friends since school. Just two years after they began performing together as duo Anavitória, they left Araguaína, Tocantins, to the pantheon of contemporary pop music from Brazil. In 2017, they won the Latin Grammy for the song ‘Trevo (Tu)’, and the single ‘Fica’ has gone double platinum. The duo performed at Rock in Rio Lisboa in 2018. They will now be performing for the first time in Rio de Janeiro.

About Saulo Fernandes 

The singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Saulo Fernandes formed his first band - Chica Fé - in 1996. The samba reggae and axé songs enjoyed tremendous popularity and, in 2001, the singer won the award for the Carnival’s Best Breakthrough Artist. He joined the Banda Eva in 2002, and stayed there for eleven years. In 2013, he was awarded the Best Carnival Singer. In his solo career, the singer uses a more intimate style, mixing axé with other musical styles. In 2019, the singer rocked the revelers with the project “Pipoca do Saulo” especially designed for the Salvador carnival. 

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