The dream of playing in Rock in Rio came true for eight carioca bands. Rock in Rio chose the winners of ‘Estação Rock in Rio’, an action performed in partnership with MetrôRio, company of the Invepar group. The artists selected were: Bel Spalla, Caio Cortez, John Bianchi, Julia Sorrentino Trio, Mary Di, Os procurados 22, Roberta Malucelli e Ualdo.

The musicians were honored to play the first chords of the City of Rock in this edition of the festival, they performed in a fierce struggle, yesterday (Sept 5), for a committee formed by the curators of Rock in Rio. The auditions were attended by 12 bands that plays in the Carioca Stage, a project of musical performances at the MetrôRio stations, which passed to the final phase of the action.

“The project Carioca Stage is a stimulus to bring culture to the stations. With the partnership established with Rock in Rio, we can send the musicians to beyond the stations, which creates great pride. The performance of the finalists in the entrance stages of biggest music festival in the world is, without a doubt, an impulse in the career of these professionals”, affirmed the president of the MetrôRio, Guilherme Ramalho.

Luis Justo, CEO of Rock in Rio, Zé Ricardo and Marisa Menezes, Rock in Rio art directors had the difficult task of choosing the eight winners of the action. 

“Rock in Rio and MetrôRio had a common purpose, to encourage the talent of young artists. The standard of the performances was very high and we were impressed. I am sure that our partnership will last for a long time. It will be a pleasure to have these artists at Rock in Rio 2019”, celebrated Luis Justo.

Marisa Menezes asked the artists to prepare for hard work that comes ahead. “It is difficult, but I believe you were born to bring happiness to the public and you will do that in the biggest music and entertainment festival in the world”, she celebrated.

Dozens of musicians signed up for the action, recording videos of their performance at the locations of the Carioca Stage, in 12 stations of MetrôRio. The performances were exhibited on YouTube and analyzed by the curators, who chose the participants of the final phase. The eight winners will play on the Carioca Stage located at both accesses of the City of Rock during the festival, which occurs from Sept 27 to Sept 29 and from Oct 3 to Oct 6.