A talented hit maker of the musical scene, Bebe Rexha has sold in excess of 12 million singles and has had 6 billion songs streamed. In her acclaimed debut album "Expectations", she had several hits such as "I Got You" and "Meant to Be". The singer/songwriter is also famous for writing songs in partnership with other major names of pop music, such as Eminem and Rihanna. On September 27, all this talent will be on Mundo Stage for the first time.


The artist released her first EP in 2015 and her debut album "Expectations" came out in 2018.  The singer has received several nomination and awards from major festivals recognizing her talent and attesting to her musical quality. In social media, she has more than 7 million fans following her posts on Instagram and more than 6 million subscribers watching her music videos on YouTube.

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