Espaço Favela will present the Rock in Rio audience all the power and variety of the artistic productions of local favelas. In a scenario where a variety of music genres coexist, rap has become one of the most important ones today. On Sept 29, BK` will get the City of Rock to be immersed in an ocean of rhymes, poetry and musicality about the everyday observations and street narratives.

The rapper makes rhyme, poetry and music to narrate the daily life of the city in his first album “Castelos e Ruínas”. Released in 2016, the album was considered the best of the year by specialized website Genius Brasil, having been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube. On the occasion, the singer went on a tour with Marcelo D2 and Sain, in an effort to show different generations of hip-hop. His most recent album "Gigantes" (2018), features well-known national rappers like Marcelo D2 and KL Jay. The concerts in support of the album sold out immediately in his hometown.