Known for its mixture of classic and folklore dances with Eastern and Western styles, bollywood dance stemmed from the Indian movie industry. The group is directed by Iara Ananda Romano, bollywood dance teacher and choreographer, who also teaches Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance style. Iara currently teaches at Casa Jaya and at the Indian Culture Center, supported by the Indian Consulate. She and her group have performed throughout Brazil and Latin America. Those performances include the opening sequence of soap opera “Caminho das Índias” (“India: A Love Story”), the “Dança dos Famosos” (“Dancing with the Stars”) sequence of popular Sunday-afternoon show Faustão, performances at the Comunique-se and Influency-me awards. She also organized the first Bollywood Dance flash mob in Brazil, Holi - Festival of Colors, Bollywood Parade at the São Paulo Carnival, and others. At Rock Street Asia, the group will present three types of performances: Flash mobs (collective performance in which a group of at least 8 people starts to dance spontaneously at a public place), Bollywood Dance (a style of dance stemming from the well-known Indian movie industry), and Haratanatyam (the most popular classical dance style in India. Considered the most ancient dance style, it is taught in an extremely traditional way and known for its grace, purity, and sculpturesque poses). Group Bollywood Brazil will perform on all days of the festival at Rock Street Asia.