Canto Cego was formed eight years ago in the Maré favela and has performed widely in Brazil and other countries, such as Switzerland, when they performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and toured around the country.  The inspiration for Canto Cego, which was born in 2010, came from within Maré. In that part of the city, the group formed by Roberta Dittz, Rodrigo Solidade, Magrão Kovok and Ruth Rosa rehearsed non-stop for more than two years until they gained the courage to face the dark challenges they faced in music. The blend of rock poetry and heavy beats, propelled the band to generate a reflection upon those who listened to their songs that talk about the dichotomy of the worlds. Not knowing how to get started, they signed up for festivals. The concerts helped them to get into the market as they won a number of awards such as 1st place at the Festival de Nova Música Brasileira (2012). The event served to earn them popularity and a number of invitations to play with other renowned bands.