The new attraction of Rock in Rio, in cooperation with MetrôRio, will bring two stages to the entrance, close to the turnstiles, animating the public since their arrival at the event.

Independent artists residing in the State of Rio de Janeiro signed up to have the chance of playing in the biggest music and entertainment festival in the world. A committee formed by the curators of the Rock in Rio stages analyzed all the videos and selected 12 artists for auditions. From those, 8 were selected to perform at the Carioca Stages of Rock in Rio.

“We believe in this incentive given by MetrôRio to the artists and, for this reason, we are investing in this partnership, which will bring more visibility to the musicians. The synergy between the company and the festival gives a great opportunity to their careers. We are sure that the chosen artists will represent very well the role of welcoming the public that arrives at the City of Rock”, tells Luis Justo, CEO of Rock in Rio. “Our visitors start to be affected by good music before crossing the gates”, he says.  

The Carioca Stage is a project for musical performances organized by MetrôRio and, since Jul 1, 2019, 8 other stations received spaces for musical performances, with a total of 12 stages for shows at the stations: Carioca, Siqueira Campos, Maria da Graça, Jardim Oceânico, Jardim de Alah, General Osório, Cantagalo, Presidente Vargas, Central, Uruguai, Cidade Nova and Maracanã.

“The Carioca Stage is a project to bring music and art to the metro. In the past three years, we had more than six thousand performances. We are happy to increase the quantity of stages to 12 stations. The partnership with Rock in Rio represents a great opportunity for participating artists”, said the president of MetrôRio, Guilherme Ramalho.