Created in 2014, in order to celebrate the story of Charlie Brown Jr – one of the greatest bands of the national rock history –, the project in form of a festival wins the stages from Brazil and abroad. On September 28, the presence of “Tamo Aí na Atividade” in the Rock District is a sure thing. Members from the most emblematic formations of the band – Marcão Britto (guitar and vocals), Heitor Gomes (bass) and Pinguim Ruas (drums) – will show all their talent, tenacity and emotion while performing the greatest hits of the band, such as "Só os loucos Sabem", "Proibida pra Mim" and "Lugar ao Sol". Charlie Brown Jr. is the most listened-to pop rock band on Spotify, with more than 2.1 million listeners per month and 3.1 million followers, and more than 300 million views on its YouTube channel. The band has 27 songs ranked first place amongst the main Brazilian radio stations, and they all play on the radios up to nowadays.

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Tamo ai na atividade.JPG
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