Sidnei and Marcos Paulo, known throughout the country and the world as: “MC CIDINHO & DOCA”, have 26-year career that includes songs recognized by audiences from different age groups, across generations, with the ageless Brazilian Funk anthem Rap da Felicidade and its iconic lyrics “Eu só quero é ser feliz” (“All I want is to be happy”).

Both were born and raised in Cidade de Deus (City of God) in the district of Jacarepaguá, west side of Rio de Janeiro. They maintain their origins and have never abandoned their roots in the community, where they may be found supporting social projects or visiting friends and music studios.

The duo has played in Europe, Asia, and Latin America even before Brazilian funk was internationally known. They even recorded a CD and a DVD exclusive to Europe, which included mixed versions of their songs specially for that audience.

cidinho e doca.JPG