Two iconic Brazilian rock bands will be together for the first time in the Brazilian edition of the festival, on September 28. By making a previously unheard sound in the history of Brazilian music (punk rock with bits of double entendre forró influenced by Zenilton), Raimundos appeared in 1987 and changed the face of Brazilian rock music forever, becoming what it is today: one of the most established groups of the genre. And CPM 22 is not far behind: it has been doing punk rock and hardcore music for over 20 years, with many hits in the charts. The band also accumulates several awards and nominations, including one Grammy Award.

CPM 22

The band CPM 22 was formed in 1995, won one Latin Grammy Award and did three international tours. In 2005, CPM had a huge hit with the song "Um Minuto Para o Fim do Mundo" and, in the following years, won the VMB award from MTV Brazil and a Latin Grammy Award for best Brazilian Rock album in 2008, with "Cidade Cinza". In 2015, the group had 20 years of career when it stepped on Rock in Rio's Mundo Stage. The celebration was in style, with 85,000 people singing the group's song, and was released on DVD.


Raimundos will be in the festival for the first time. The band was formed over 30 years ago in Brasília, released eight albums with more than 5 million copies sold and is considered one of Brazil's main rock groups. Their music is characterized by satirical and humorous lyrics and is also influenced by Brazilian northeastern music, which reflects their members' family culture. In 1999, the band released its best-selling album, "Só no Forevis". The hits "A Mais Pedida", "Me Lambe" and one of their best-loved songs, "Mulher de Fases", are part of their work which has been a part of an entire generation.