Deia Cassali has been getting ready for an unprecedented show for the “metal day”. With a unique and bold stage presence, the singer brings the audience to inside the performance, making them interact in an electrifying way. With a 10-year career, Deia, who has already been the opening number for renowned bands of the national music scene, innovates her rock arrangements with a more acid sound, deriving from the electronic and its several facets. With the end of the band Agnela, in 2014, the artist decided to pursue her solo career. In 2017, Deia opted for the search of a more consistent rock and produced a new EP, with heavier sounds and bolder lyrics. Deia’s repertoire mixes her own songs with great classical songs from the hard rock, the alternative metal and the post-grunge history. Moreover, the artist has movie songs compositions and soap operas soundtracks in her professional career.

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