From Vigário Geral, in the north side of Rio, this singer and songwriter started working on music at 15 years of age. Delacruz was known for his performances in bars and parties in the city of Rio de Janeiro and pleased the audience with his songs full of positivity, such as “Flor de Lis”, “Andressa”, and many others. In 2017, he participated in “Poesia Acústica”, a project that seeks to present the new generation of rap and hip-hop artists, which made the singer known throughout social media. Tracks “Sobre Nós” and “Todo mundo odeia acústico” had over 230 million views on YouTube.


From the north side of Rio, Maria became known by the audience through her single “Refém”. After an invitation from a hip-hop record company, she participated in project “Poesia Acústica” alongside Delacruz, Ducon, and other rappers in track “Sobre Nós”. The video for the song sought to present a new generation of rap and hip-hop artists and had over 100 million views on YouTube. After the single, she was also featured on another song that became well-liked by the audience, “Capricorniana”. Currently, the singer is working on her singles and on other partnerships.

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