The prestigious singer Elza Soares will have the group As Bahias e a Cozinha Mineira, along with Kell Smith and Jessica Ellen, as guest appearances. Elza Soares is considered one of the most important artists in Brazil's history. The diva won the 2016 Latin Grammy for Best Brazilian Popular Music Album and was nominated again twice. Only those who have already seen or listened to her can understand. On September 29, Elza Soares will join a group of ladies who make a difference to convey, through music, strong and compelling messages.

About Elza Soares

The acclaimed Brazilian singer is known both domestically and internationally for her unmistakable renditions. Her first album was recorded in 1960, and due to her songs and powerhouse voice, she was chosen as "female singer of the millennium" in 1999 by a British radio station. As of today, she has released almost 40 albums and was included in the list of 100 greatest Brazilian singers of  Rolling Stone Brasil magazine. The album “A Mulher do Fim do Mundo” (2016) earned the Brazilian music muse recognition at major Brazilian award ceremonies and also won the coveted Latin Grammy for Best Brazilian Popular Music Album. Her latest single “Na Pele” was released in collaboration with Bahia singer Pitty and is available on YouTube.

About As Bahias e a Cozinha Mineira

The trio consisting of Assucena Assucena, Raquel Virginia and Rafael Acerbi met in 2011, in the USP History program.  They played, sang and organized soirées and discussions about topics as feminism and racism. This non-casual meeting resulted in independent projects, a first album in late 2015 called "Mulher" and a second one in 2017 titled "Bixa". Their sophomore album was recognized at the Brazilian Music Award in the "Popular Music Group" and "Popular Music Album" categories.

About Kell Smith

The singer rose to national prominence with her first EP. The track “Respeita as Mina” was adopted as theme song by a famous soccer supporters' group and "Era uma Vez" entered the charts as the most played song in Brazil in 2017.  The singles “Meu Lugar” and “Viajar é Preciso” also had an impact and were praised on digital platforms. In 2018, Kell Smith put out her first album with 14 songs that are being promoted in domestic performances.

About Jéssica Ellen

Jéssica Ellen is a Brazilian singer, actress and dancer. The singer used to participate in cultural activities in the schools in which she studied and joined the choir of Escola de Música da Rocinha (Rocinha Music School) when she was younger. In 2017, her willingness to release music made Jéssica take the plunge into the developing process of her debut album, “Sankofa”,  dropped in May 2018. The work is at the same time a revival and a celebration of her ancestry, gathering songs with Brazilian rhythms such as samba and jongo.

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