Rock in Rio's fireworks display will have 4.5 tons of artifacts launched from 18 different points. Seven rafts will be placed in the Jacarepaguá Lagoon for a fireworks display, which takes place at two times of the day, on the seven days of the festival.

Designed by Vision Show exclusively for Rock in Rio, the fireworks display will take place at the opening and closing of the Mundo Stage. The fireworks will be launched from eleven points over the stage, and also from seven rafts. Rock in Rio’s firework display will be synchronized with a light, audio and special effects show and will cover a 500-meter radius, that will be seen from various location of the Cidade do Rock and other surrounding areas.

All the technical control of fireworks will be done using a modern technology, via radio frequency, which will monitor and trigger each of the 18 fireworks points at a distance.