Check out the full list of bars and restaurants located in the Cidade do Rock. Brands offer a variety of food and beverage options for the 700,000 people who will spend seven days on the world’s largest music and entertainment event.


Bob’s: Next to Mundo Stage, next to Sunset Stage and next to the Sponsors’ Stand.  

Domino’s: On the right side of Mundo Stage - front view.

Habib’s: On the left side of Mundo Stage - front view, next to Rock Street Asia and beside the Mega Drop.

Ragazzo: Next to the Sunset Stage.

Batata no Cone: Next to the lounge near Rock Street Asia.

Meu Boteco: In front of the Rock District.

Big Daddy’s: Next to the lounge near Rock Street Asia and beside the Prudential Climbing Wall.

Beer Station Heinekein: Next to the Roller Coaster, the New Dance Order, and the entrance to the Cidade do Rock, beside NAVE - Our Future is Now.

Rock Street Asia

1.      Muy Amigo

2.      Meu Boteco

3.      Geneal

4.      Nissin

5.      Benkei

6.      Las Empanadas

7.      Batata no Cone

8.      Domino’s

Rock District

1.      Cheia de Graça

2.      Meu Boteco

3.      Casa do Pão de Queijo

4.      Hot’n Tender

5.      Panino

6.      Vulcano

7.      Geneal

8.      Batata no Cone

9.      Domino’s

10.  Coca-cola