FractaLL & Rocksted will be performing together at the 2019 Rock in Rio on October 6 at the New Dance Order stage.


FractaLL is known for his unique approach to music genres, going from house music to techno. With a career spanning for almost a decade, he has already performed at Tomorrowland and at major clubs such as D-EDGE and Green Valley. Adjusting to a very busy schedule with over 150 gigs a year, FractaLL still finds time to go in the studio and make an impressive amount of new music, having reached the top position on Soundcloud’s deep house charts four times. 


Rocksted, in addition to being a music producer for over 10 years, is deemed one of the most versatile and modern DJs nowadays. He became known in 2018 thanks to his unmistakable beats and heavy grooves, with a very strong presence on stage, where he is always trying to awaken various sensations with his music. Rocksted and FractaLL perform throughout the country as part of a project aimed at supporting new sounds, having a strong impact on the audience during their performances. 


fractall e rocksted.png