Rock in Rio will have a strong Latin flavor at the Sunset Stage opening. The guys behind this hot mixture are the bands Francisco, El Hombre, from Brazil, and Monsieur Periné, from Colombia, who will be bringing the avant-garde latinity of their songs through rock, Mexican, Brazilian and Latin influences, jazz, pop and swing.

About Francisco, El Hombre

After traveling across several countries with their instruments, brothers Sebastián and Mateo Piracés-Ugarte decided to settle down in Brazil and create their musical project, Francisco El Hombre.  In 2013, with the band already formed, they released their debut album: “Nudez”. The group known for their diversity of sounds went on successful tours and produced their third album in 2018. In collaboration with the band Braza, “Francisca, la Braza” captivated the music critics and ensured more exposure to the Latin musicians.  

About Monsieur Periné

Monsieur Periné,  a band formed in Bogotá, Colombia, also produces a blend of Latin rhythms. Their songs are performed by vocalist Catalina García in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. The band's creativity was recognized in 2015 with a Latin Grammy for "Best New Artist". The Colombians' assorted sounds promise to make everybody move in City of Rock.  

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