A team of super talented performers will take the stage of Rock in Rio's Sunset Stage in tribute to the 30 years of Baile Funk. Under the conduction of Funk Orquestra, the world's first funk orchestra, stars like Fernanda Abreu, Buchecha and Ludmilla will join in an effort to present three decades of the Rio-born style. To top it off, Kevinho takes the stage to pay tribute to MC Sapão, to perform his hits.

About Funk Orquestra

Fabio Tabach, who has written some major baile funk hits, serves as artistic director of the Orquestra, along with choir conductor Eder Paolozzi. Paolozzi earned a degree in Choir Conducting at the age of 28 in Milan, Italy, at the prestigious Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi. The Funk Orquestra consists of 28 young musicians from some of the main symphony orchestras in the city of Rio de Janeiro and the duo 2FAb, formed by DJs, producers and arrangers FabioTabach and PhabyoDJ. They played with great singers from Brazil and the world over and MCs in interactive concerts. They relied on the support of a live VJ to help with this multisensory experience.

The orchestra's repertoire revisits some of the history of this genre that had its roots in 1989, when the first funk song in Portuguese was released on the album Funk Brasil 1. The album was produced by DJ Marlboro, who created the movement. The repertoire epitomizes a bit of the evolution of the genre up until today. It includes hits such as Rap da Felicidade (Eu só quero é ser feliz) as well as hits by Claudinho e Buchecha, and genres such as rap, 150BPM and other different variations of funk, including the artists who have made it to international charts such as Ludmilla, Kevinho and the queen of funk, Anitta.

About Ludmilla

Regarded as the most-followed black artist on Instagram, with over 12 million followers, Ludmilla is one of the most popular pop singers in Brazil. She is only 23 and has toured around Europe twice. She is a real hitmaker. In 2018 alone, six of her songs, including collaborations, topped the charts: Cheguei, Te Ensinei Certin, Não Quero Mais, 24 Horas Por Dia, Solta a Batida, Não Enconsta, DinDinDin and Jogando Sujo. She has recently released the song Clichê, in collaboration with Felipe Araújo. In less than a week, it topped the charts on Spotify and was featured in the soundtrack of the Globo TV prime-time show O Sétimo Guardião. In 2019, Ludmilla released her first DVD.

About Fernanda Abreu

Rio de Janeiro singer Fernanda Abreu is an important figure in the Brazilian music scene. She was part of pop band Blitz for five years, from 1981 to 1986, having released 5 albums and earning recognition all over the country. After the group called it quits, Fernanda embarked upon the funk universe and, in 1990, produced her first solo album. She has released more than six studio albums and a live album as well. The most recent work, “Amor Geral” blends rhythms and sounds from different countries. The track “Tambor”, for instance, in collaboration with singer Afrika Bambaataa, was quite successful on the music charts.

About Buchecha

Melodic songs and romantic lyrics mark the work of singer Buchecha. He began his career with Claudinho, having spawned several hits all over Brazil. The duo was a sensation on many TV shows and drew big crowds in their performances. The second album sold a million copies. It spawned hits such as "Quero te encontrar”, which is famous to this day. The singer continued with his solo career with his unplugged album recorded in 2006. After that, he released “Romântico com Elas” in 2010, and his first DVD (2014) to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his career. The album "Adesivo" was produced by Umberto Tavares and Mãozinha. Over the years, Buchecha has reinvented his old hits and released unreleased tracks. However, he was always faithful to his roots. The singer has performed a number of hits in his shows in Brazil and collaborated with other artists, such as in the song “Santinha” by Dennis DJ.

About Kevinho

Campinas-born Kevin Kawan de Azevedo, Kevinho, started his career at the age of 14 when he released his first songs on the internet. However, things started to change in 2016 as he put out the song “Olha a Explosão” which became an instant hit and was one of the most played tracks at the 2017 Carnival. It was so successful that a forró version of "Olha a Explosão" was released, featuring Wesley Safadão. After that, Kevinho continued sowing the seeds of success with "Encaixa", featuring Leo Santana, which has been viewed more than 270 million times on Youtube.

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