Game XP, the largest gamer event in Latin America, signs the curation of Oi GamePlay Arena by Game XP, connected by Oi fiber. With 3,980m² of indoor area and a capacity of up to 3,300 people simultaneously, the Oi GamePlay Arena by Game XP will be full of gameplays. Audiences will be able to play interactive, classic and immersive VR games among others, feeling within the gaming world without leaving the Cidade do Rock. Outside, you'll be able to take photos of Star Wars, Pro Evolution Soccer, Crash Bandicoot, Fortnite and Game XP activations, as well as dancing on a Just Dance superstage.

Roberta Coelho, Rock in Rio's New Business Director and CEO of Game XP, comments on the importance of curating Game XP for the Rock in Rio arcade. “Game XP was born in the 2017 edition of Rock in Rio and the success was so great that we have gathered more than 180,000 people since we gained a life of our own. Now we have curated GamePlay Arena using the expertise accumulated during this period and understanding that this content represents an entertainment industry as important as music in people's lives. Rock in Rio's audience is also gamer,” explains Roberta. 

Oi GamePlay Arena by Game XP Attractions

DevPark: Independent game developers will have a floor area of 100m² with gameplay areas, display monitors and virtual reality stations, and a stage where developers can hold chat and Meet & Greet sessions with the audience. In total, there will be 12 developers displaying their games. 

Disney: The brand will bring activations on two major film releases.

GameZone: Nearly 400m² with several classic arcade game stations as well as traditional pinball that have marked generations.

Just Dance: One of the biggest hits on this year's Game XP, the Just Dance stage won't leave anyone standing still in the Cidade do Rock. In addition to competitions with the audience, the stage will receive influencers and performers to dance as well.

Oi Hyper Reality: Immersive hyper-reality experience that simulates an air ride to get you to know the Cidade do Rock through Oi's fiber.

Free Play: Several gameplay stations with major developer franchises like Activision, Konami and Warner Games.

Pac-Man: People who had fun in the maze in Game XP can already celebrate. At Rock in Rio, it will be back with frantic challenges and breakouts, but this time inside the Oi GamePlay Arena by Game XP. Escape the most famous ghosts in videogames in a life-size adventure.

The Last Squad - Arkave VR: Join the Arkave squad through a virtual reality, full body mapping and local multiplayer experience.

Ubisoft: The developer responsible for some of the most popular franchises in the world will have an area of 150m² with gameplays.

Photo Op - The outdoor area of Oi GamePlay Arena by Game XP will be full of amazing photo opportunities:

-         Crash Bandicoot

-         Fortnite

-         Game XP

-         PES 2020

-         Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker