Gourmet Square is the gastronomy space in Rock in Rio. The area with one thousand square meters has the capacity for over one thousand people, climate controlled environment and this edition will feature over 12 stores and one bar. The area will operate from the time of the opening of the gates of the Cidade do Rock, working from 2 PM to 3 AM.

The clients may also enjoy Pilsner and Craft Beer, as well as Eisenbahn draft beer. In specific moments, the clients may enjoy tastings promoted by Seara, with options from the brand's menu.

Check the list of restaurants that will be there:

1.      Hot Dog Club

2.      Cão Véio

3.      Curadoria

4.      Tragga

5.      Filhos da Mãe

6.      Ella

7.      Irajá e Al Fresco

8.      Ojo e Frederic Monnier

9.      Kátia Barbosa – Aconchego Carioca

10.  Naga