Try to imagine combining the best of Rio’s baile funk and put a little touch of electronic music. This is what Heavy Baile does wisely. The result is a progressive movement of musical and cultural empowerment from the ghetto. The group is formed by Leo Justi (music producer), MC Tchelinho and DJs Thai and Seven Beats (who also serves as its music producer), as well as dancers Ronald Sheick, Sabrina Ginga, Neguebites, Celly IDD and André Oliveira. Tati Quebra-Barraco and MC Carol, two big names in funk, will brighten up the Heavy Baile performance.

About MC Carol

The Niterói-born singer stands out for approaching the reality of communities, sexuality and feminism with boldness and good sense of humor. In 2012, she released songs that were graciously accepted by the audience. In 2015, she saw an upsurge in her popularity after she participated in a reality show. MC made her presence felt in a number of festivals and partnered with rapper Karol Conka on the track “Toca na pista”. She released her debut album "Bandida" and is currently working on the second album. She will be performing in Scotland, Germany and the USA to present her hits to international audiences.

About Tati Quebra Barraco

Tatiana Lourenço, or Tati Quebra Barraco, has a career of over 20 years and was the first funkeira from Brazil to tour around the world. The singer showed what she’s got in 44 countries, had 25,000 copies of DVDs sold and saw her record go gold. A symbol for the LGBT community, she has collaborated with Heavy Baile on the track "Berro", featuring Lia Clark, in 2017. The collaboration worked well and in 2019, Heavy Baile and Tati did it again with a single featuring MC Carol.

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