On October 3, the City of Rock audiences will see a real hurricane of beats, talents and unparalleled voices, featuring renowned Brazilian rappers Rael and Rincon Sapiência, the Portuguese phenomenon Agir and the rising star Baco Exu do Blues, all of them rocked by the sound of Nova Orquestra at Sunset Stage.

About Nova Orquestra

Based on a new concept of concert music consumption and experience, Nova Orquestra was born at the right time. All over the world orchestras seek new ways to win over new audiences and reinvent themselves, but our mission is to go beyond, delivering popular and classical spectacles on the most diverse stages, featuring unusual guests and repertoire, using a current and dynamic language, creating unique experiences and showing that an orchestra can also provide a good time. The chief and artistic conductor of the orchestra is Éder Paolozzi, who is also the conductor of Orquestra Sinfônica Cesgranrio and has under his belt experiences both in the domestic and international markets, as well as unforgettable classical and pop concerts.

About Rael

Rapper, singer and songwriter, Rael was a member of the famous rap group Pentágono for 15 years. After many years with the band, he started working on his solo career and produced his debut album,  “MP3 – Música Popular do 3° Mundo”, in 2010, which was promoted in performances in Brazil and Canada. He rose to prominence domestically in 2014 with the single “Envolvidão”,  a radio and Internet hit, reaching 84 million views on YouTube. His latest album, “Coisas do Meu Imaginário” (2016), was made available for listening on walls in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro by means of devices and gained popularity among the public. The album earned the rapper the Best Singer award at the Brazilian Music Award. The singer has three studio albums and two EPs. 

About Baco Exu do Blues

Diogo Moncorvo,  best known as Baco Exu do Blues, was born 22 years ago in Salvador and emerged on the national scene in 2016 with the track “Sulícidio”,  a collaboration with Diomedes Chinaski. Last year, he dropped his debut album “Esú”, which is present in virtually all year-end lists of best albums. The album took the musician to the main festivals in the country and earned him several nominations and awards, including best new artist and best song (Te Amo, Disgraça) at this year's Multishow Award. By the way, “Te amo, disgraça” was featured on the soundtrack of a Globo TV mini-series, “Ilha de Ferro”, and is the theme song for Cauã Reymond's and Maria Casadevall's characters.

About Agir

Agir has been a songwriter, producer and singer since age 12, realizing very early that his place is in music. In his discography we can find the album "Agir", the EP “Alma Gémea”, the mix tape  #agiriscoming and the albums “Leva-me A Sério” and “No Fame”, all penned and produced by himself. His releases are hits, consistently resulting in sold-out shows all across Portugal, from north to south.  More than 100 concerts over the last two years, the Best Portuguese Act award at MTV's 2015 EMA, two Globo de Ouro nominations, a Globo de Ouro win as best individual singer and a platinum certification for the album “Leva-me A Sério” are some of Agir's achievements so far.  

About Rincon Sapiência 

MC, producer and businessman Rincon Sapiência is a prominent artist on the Brazilian music scene. In 2017, he released Galanga Livre, his debut album, which made it to the list of 50 best Brazilian music albums of 2017 chosen by Associação Paulista dos Críticos de Artes (APCA) and won two trophies from the Multishow Award panel of judges that year. It also earned him the award for Best New Artist of the Year at the event, which was reinforced by his choice as Artist of the Year by the APCA. Since then, Sapiência has worked to promote his album in Brazil and abroad, a period in which he also reasserted his artistic versatility in musical collaborations with Sidney Magal, Alice Caymmi, Rubel, Drik Barbosa and IZA. Recently, the artist launched his own independent label, called MGoma, betting on his expertise as one of the most respected music producers in the industry. 


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