City of Rock will receive a respected pop singer as the Sunset Stage headliner: Jessie J. The pop diva is coming to the Rio de Janeiro edition to present her latest album, “R.O.S.E” — the 4th studio album in her career, released in May 2018. Possessing a unique voice, Jessie is seen as a one-of-a-kind artist with a successful career and songs that flirt with hip hop, soul and R&B elements.

About Jessie J

Jessie J has not performed in Brazil since 2014, and when she hinted she was planning a new visit through social media, the public immediately reacted. The singer has a new album to be explored by Brazilians, “R.O.S.E”,  her 4th studio work, dropped in May 2018. The album title means Realizations, Obsessions, Sex and Empowerment and is also a tribute to her mother and an allusion to her favorite flower. Four singles were released to promote “R.O.S.E”: "Real Deal", "Think About That", "Not My Ex", and  "Queen". The success of the UK's social media darling is undisputed. She has over eight million followers on her YouTube channel. Similarly, she boasts more than 7.6 million fans on Instagram. At the beginning of this year, Jessie captured the hearts of Chinese fans and sparked a headline boom around the world when she became the first European artist to win “Singer,” one of China's biggest music contests. The artist went on tour in China and has just ended her European tour.

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