Jonathan Ferr’s show mixes the class and freedom from jazz with contemporary art made on the streets, outside concert halls.  His performances are known by memorable grooves, and his setlist is comprised of his own compositions.

From a poor community in the heart of Madureira, in Rio’s north side, little Ferr, then only 9 years of age, fell in love with the piano and launched his career from there. His story became known in 2017, with two articles published in newspaper “O Globo” and in the popular TV show “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes”.

His music, his story, his activism in favor of love, and his fight against prejudice granted him in 2017 the "Aleksander Henryk Laks" award, which honors outstanding men in their industries. This award has been granted to well-known personalities such as Luis Fernando Veríssimo, Ziraldo, Paulo Barros, Alfredo Sirkis, and others. Jonathan Ferr was the youngest man ever to receive the award.

In March 2018, he was awarded an honorable mention in the Rio de Janeiro State Congress for his activism against racism and for how his music represents diversity. Ferr has also received awards for his work as a soundtrack producer for theater and cinema.

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