Rio de Janeiro-born singer, songwriter and guitar player João Pedro Bonfá is the son of famous musician Marcelo Bonfá, having released his first album and using an eponymous title, choosing not to conceal his family ties.

So much so that Marcelo Bonfá plays the drums as a musical guest on track “Música para Lu”; other guests include Dado Villa-Lobos, who plays the guitar in “Canto da Sereia”, composed by João Pedro after drawing inspiration from texts by Fernando Pessoa and Oscar Wilde. His performances usually include surprise guest appearances by artists such as Tony Belotto and Paulo Miklos, among others.

His record, recently released on various digital platforms, evinces the influences this 30-year-old artist’s major influences: folk, garage rock and classical rock from the 1960s and 1970s, from Neil Young to Led Zeppelin, from Queen to The Rolling Stones. “I’ve played in bands for years, but this is my first solo project. There’s all this baggage from before. I’ve always listen to a lot of music, it all came from there”, says Bonfá, naming other references.

Band members

Lucas Mamede

Drummer, living in Rio de Janeiro and part of the rock ‘n’ roll scene since 2002, playing in bands such as Papel Fantasma and GI JOE, among others.

Nowadays, he dedicates himself to João Pedro Bonfá’s solo project, to band Crash Crash and to the world of car racing.

Pedro Tambelini

Guitar player, bass player, violinist and music producer, living in Rio de Janeiro and part of bands such as Maria Rubia.

Today, in addition to producing soundtracks, he plays the bass in João Pedro Bonfá’s solo project and the guitar in bands Nocturna and Anjos de Vidro.

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