Commanding infectious beats and powerful lyrics,  the rapper from Curitiba, Karol Conka, will be joined by two up and coming national rappers who are also prominent as LGBTQ+ activists for their debut at the biggest music and entertainment festival in the world: Linn da Quebrada and Gloria Groove. 

About Karol Conka 

32-year-old Karol Conka, a native of Curitiba, came along to change the rap scene. In 2013, she won the Multishow Award in the "Best New Artist" category, defeating other nominees such as Anitta and Clarice Falcão. A year later, she was the only artist outside the USA-Europe circuit to be listed as one of the "10 new artists you need to know" by US magazine Rolling Stone. In 2014, she embarked on her first European tour - its success made her return twice,  including Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, and London. Karol Conka did not go unnoticed and became the first artist not to sing in English on BBC Radio 1,  one of the major English radio stations. Karol's latest album is "Ambulante" (2018),  which presents new influences, such as reggae on the track  “Saudade”, or pop in “Vogue do Gueto”.  

About Linn da Quebrada 

A multimedia performer, Linn found in music a powerful weapon for her struggle to break sexual, gender and body paradigms. In 2016, the artist plunged into music with the hit “Enviadescer” and has not stopped since then, she directed the audio-visual experiment “blasFêmea” for the song “Mulher” and organized a crowdfunding campaign to produce "Pajubá", her debut album, with artistic direction of BadSista, released in October 2017. The possibilities of her performance are so many that Linn has currently split her live performances into two types:  the concerts in support of "Pajubá" and the experimental process "Trava Línguas", the latter is based on difference and repetition as a pursuit of new ideas. Accompanied by her band - Jup do Bairro (partner and blackqueen vocal),  Dominique Vieira (percussionist), BadSista (DJ) and Pininga (DJ) -, Linn da Quebrada has been prominent on the Brazilian electronic and experimental music scene due to her simultaneously undecipherable and contagious musical blend. 

About Gloria Groove 

Gloria Groove is the artistic persona of multi talented Daniel Garcia Felicione Napoleão. The artist is a singer, songwriter, dancer, rapper and voice actor. At 24 years of age, Daniel has been in show business since 2002, when he joined a version of the group Balão Mágico. In 2016, already as Gloria Groove, he released the single "Dona", which had a major impact. His debut album "O Proceder" came out in 2017. The lyrics mostly portray his life as a suburban gay person and drag queen.  In 2018,  he released the single “Bumbum de Ouro”, which has amassed over 65 million views on Youtube. His latest release is the single "Coisa Boa", from January 2019.  

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