With a 50-year long career, the band King Crimson should be regarded as a historical heritage of humanity. Since 2014, when they got back to the stage, the critics and major names in music have been praising the band's performance. Even into half a century’s career, it is still impeccable.

About King Crimson

Formed in 1969 by Robert Fripp (guitarist) and Michael Giles (drummer), King Crimson has had several lineups and gone on hiatus on a number of occasions. The debut album In the Court of the Crimson King is considered the first artistically conceived progressive rock album. King Crimson has been nominated for the Grammy Award in the category Best Instrumental Rock Performance on two occasions: in 1982 and 1995. Fripp is the only member who has survived all the lineup changes of King Crimson and its thirteen studio albums. The band features Fripp as well as other multi-instrumentalists: Mel Collins, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Gavin Harrison, Jakko Jakszyk, Bill Rieflin and Jeremy Stacey.  

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