Rock in Rio 2019 will have over 700 official products in this year’s edition.

Rock in Rio only starts in September, but fans can already get in the mood of the world’s largest music and entertainment festival. The organization, once again, surpasses the mark of the previous edition and presents in 2019 more than 700 official and licensed products with the festival brand. In partnership with Angra Marcas, a partner in licensing the Rock in Rio brand, this milestone has been growing steadily since 2001. Throughout the Brazilian editions, Rock in Rio has reached over 3,000 licensed products. 

The sale of official and licensed products surpasses the expectations not only of the audience, but of the organization itself, which is always searching of new high-quality items to the audience. The success in the previous editions encourages the association of brands with the event, and also boosts the creation of more products that received a lot of attention to detail, a characteristic of the festival’s DNA. 

“Rock in Rio is increasingly consolidating itself as a communication platform that establishes dialogues with different audiences and that has a diversity of content that goes far beyond a music festival. By associating with our brand the companies can connect with our fans throughout the year, and not just on the days of the event. “The brands’ credibility in the event is proven by the long-term relationships we have established with them”, says Luis Justo, CEO of Rock in Rio.  

The products are divided into eight categories: beauty and personal hygiene, pet accessories, food and beverage, fashion, electronics, accessories, home and decoration and sports. The variety and the number of items is a consequence of the partnership between the festival and 22 companies that, even in a time of economic downturn, bet on Rock in Rio for its reliability and for delivering to their fans much more than products, but experiences. 

The brands that will be present in the Brazilian market associated with Rock in Rio are: Aquarius, Boneleska, Bob’s, Cacau Show, 3 Corações, Chilli Beans, Colgate, Damai, Ellus, Enfim, FYI, Go Case, Habib´s, Ímas do Brasil, Kenner, Leader, Lev, Natura, Pierim, Sal, Água & Alma, Snottra, and Star Dreams. They will sell products ranging from makeup line, cap, cell phone cover, cologne deodorant, electric bicycle, mouthwash, sunglasses, sarong, shirt, jeans, dress, sandal and even chocolate truffles. This year, for the first time, the event has the PET category, with an exclusive line for animals with beds, transparent bag, mattress and even a cat hammock. 

Product prices range from BRL 2.50 to BRL 5,500.00 and can be found in the physical and online points of sale of each brand, starting in the second half of July.


Some brands

3 Corações

The 3 Corações Brand, a giant of the coffee market, brings for the first time the official coffee of the largest music and entertainment festival in the world. Within the Cidade do Rock, the brand will be present in various ways, with tastings and activations of specialty coffees, coffee drinks, and will also launch a limited edition of Rock in Rio capsule coffee. Espresso Coffee Rocks has maximum intensity and combines the strength of Robusta coffee with the aroma of Arabica, including notes of roasted chestnut, caramel, dark chocolate and a sweet aroma. The capsules are compatible with the TRES® solution, the espresso and multi-drink coffee platform of Grupo 3 Corações. 


Aquarius developed a “ROCK” line that reflects the essence of Rock in Rio, with a complete focus on experience and sound quality. The “ROCK” line will feature several phone and headphone models to keep you connected with the music.


Bob’s, Rock in Rio’ official hamburger supplier for the fifth year in a row, has designed a distinctive menu that includes the Big Rock, created especially for the event, with two juicy hamburgers, cream cheese and sesame bread and a delicious slice of melted cheese. Cheddar is also a choice, consisting of two hamburgers, shoyu sauce, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese and a delicious wholemeal black bread, in addition to draft beer, energy drinks, soda, water, mate and a 300 ml Crunchy milkshake.


A specialist in the manufacture of licensed products, the company from Apucarana once again won the rights to produce and sell the caps of the largest music and entertainment festival in the world. Boneleska has been in the market for 27 years, and has been working with licensed products for over 16 years.

Chilli Beans

Chilli Beans will be once again present in another edition of the event. To celebrate its history with the event, the brand will launch an exclusive collection with a festival-inspired theme. The line consists of 15 sunglasses and 2 prescription glasses, which provide much more than style and attitude, they will be a part of the history and memory of the event lovers, and will be available in stores, kiosks and on the brand website, as of September 3, 2019.


In this edition, Colgate Plax, the traditional mouthwash of the Colgate-Palmolive brand, participates of Rock in Rio for the second time. The brand has developed a line of four new limited edition mouthwash packages, especially for the world’s largest music and entertainment festival.  


Damai beach is a company from Rio that is inspired by the Brazilian beaches to create the art of its sarongs, manufactured in viscose by local artisans from Indonesia. The brand will be in the Cidade do Rock with its music-inspired sarongs for a better world.


Ellus, a brand that has in its identity the urban and collective concepts connected to the music lifestyle, launches its second collection in partnership with Rock in Rio. The pieces of this limited edition will be available for sale as  of September in the brand’s stores and e-commerce.


Rock in Rio 2019 will have a line t-shirts by Enfim featuring the whole concept of the festival. There will be t-shirts and tank tops in 3 models for women and 3 models for men. The collection will be sold in the main multi-brand stores in Brazil starting in July.


FYI was born from music, rock, festivals and the new experiences and influences that this world brings. And that’s how the brand developed the exclusive FYI + Rock in Rio collection for the second year in a row. It traveled to the 1980s to bring oversize shapes and croppeds, high waistlines, and print t-shirts with fun texts. Crossbags and fanny packs complement the productions with the same materials of the clothing and leave your arms free to enjoy the shows.


The brand sought inspiration in the world of rock and features a collection with five licensed lines. Dia de Rock, Neon Vibes, Rock and Roll, Rock It!, and Sente a Vibração are the new offers, with items such as: cases, USB cable, lightning cable, dual charger, clutch, backpack, screen protector and power bank. The items can be found in physical stores and in the brand’s e-commerce


Habib’s is an official sponsor of Rock in Rio 2019. During the seven days of the festival, the franchise will be the exclusive seller of Arab products (beirut, kibbeh and sfiha), with points of sale strategically located and full-time operation on each day of the event. There are five containers located right next to Mundo Stage, four at Rock Street Asia, three at Rock District and in Favela Space.  The Habib’s Group will also be present with the Ragazzo brand, selling coxinhas in five other containers located next to the Sunset Stage. In total, Habib’s and Ragazzo will have 4 bars with 17 fronts around the approximately 385,000 m2 of the event.

Ímãs do Brasil

Ímãs do Brasil began its activities in April 2011 and since then have produced high-quality fridge magnets, key chains and pins in various materials and themes. In this issue they will feature official Rock in Rio magnets.


Kenner will once again be the official brand of sandals of the event. From this solid partnership six exclusive models were born that complement the looks for the festival. The Kenner Rock in Rio line, designed to get into the event’s bold and laid-back mood from the shoes up, will be available at the points of sale and on the Kenner website starting June 9th. The Trekking model will be sold exclusively on Kenner’s e-commerce.


The collection marks the fourth year of this partnership with t-shirts, caps and more for kids and adults (regular and plus size) featuring special phrases and prints. The whole line can be found in Leader stores starting from June, and also in the Rock Club, space located in front of Mundo Stage during festival days.


Lev, the leader in electric bikes in the country, is launching a special line in partnership with Rock in Rio. For the second time, e-bikes licensed with the visual identity of the world’s largest music and entertainment festival will be an option for those who want to move around the city with style. There will be four print options with references to the universe of rock and icons of the festival, including “eu vou (I’ll go)” and the guitar symbol.


In a special edition, Natura Faces and Natura Humor launch the products that are real hits of each brand in a co-branding partnership, bringing new packaging, inspired by the atmosphere of the event. Natura Faces, official makeup of the event and Natura’s make-up brand, cool, practical and made for everyone, presents the Rock in Rio Collection, with 14 creamy lipsticks, in a new formula, four compact powders and an eyeliner pen, all with Rock in Rio exclusive packaging. Humor, Natura’s irreverent brand which connects strongly with young people, brings the classics Meu Primeiro Humor, Natura’s best selling fragrance for women, and Paz e Humor for men, both in metallic packaging and with festival-inspired artwork. The limited edition products will be sold starting from the end of July and will be available until the end of the event.


Present in the souvenir market for over 20 years, Pierim has a wide range of products that convey the essence of every place in Brazil. The brand is launching a collection of pieces ranging from earthy to neon colors, inspired by the beauties of Rio de Janeiro, the city that hosts the festival.


Snottra, with over 14 years in the Brazilian market, makes the official bottles of the largest music and entertainment event in the world. The bottles are ideal for avoiding the use of plastic and consuming sustainably.

Sal, Água & Alma

The brand SAL, ÁGUA & ALMA presents the “Rock your World” collection in the 20th edition of Rock in Rio. The line will bear symbols of the event, Ferris Wheel, Guitar, Pick and the event logo in necklaces, scapulars and earrings.

Star & Dreams

Star & Dreams manufactures products for direct sales and also for distributors of products in Pet Shops and Veterinary Clinics.