Carolina Deslandes is one of the greatest Portuguese artists today. She began her career in 2012 with the release of their debut album. The singer and songwriter, who is gaining momentum in contemporary Portuguese music, will join the band Melim for a super concert at Sunset Stage. The trio of Melim brothers, from the city of Niterói (RJ), blends reggae, pop and MPB.

About Caroline Deslandes

Carolina Deslandes is one of the greatest artists of the current generation of Portuguese singers and songwriters. With millions of views on Youtube, she has become phenomenally successful since her debut. She is now a consolidated name as a reference not only in the digital media but also in contemporary national music. Her third album, "Casa", filled with brand new songs, was released in 2018 and climbed straight to # 1 on the national charts, making it the best-selling album for a debut album in the year. The concert will mark Carolina's return to the stage after she decided to take a break in 2016 to take care of her baby.

About Melim

Diogo, Rodrigo and Gabriela were born in an essentially musical family, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. From the very beginning, everyone was given the freedom to choose whichever instruments they wanted and learn how to play them. The three of them started playing guitar and taking vocal lessons. Diogo took up drums as Rodrigo took up keyboard and guitar. Lastly, Gabriela began playing the ukulele. The two twin boys started playing in pop rock bands while Gabriela took the path of traditional samba. The trio's videos posted on the Internet earned them an invitation to participate in Rede Globo's Superstar. In the 2016 season of the program, they made it through the semifinals. Their being accepted propelled them to invest in their careers under the family name Melim. In late 2017, they released their first EP with three songs: "Meu Abrigo", "Transmissão de Pensamento" and "Ouvi Dizer". In 2018, the first album of the group came out. The single "Ouvi Dizer," totaled over 60 million plays on Spotify and an incredible 112 million views on YouTube. These are such incredible numbers but are still way behind the 86 million plays and 180 million views of "Meu Abrigo". Soon enough, they will be celebrating their 1-year anniversary within Spotify's Top 50 with both songs.

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