O Terno's musicians, who rose to prominence in 2012 with their first work, continue to win over audiences with their compositions that blend musical styles including rock and pop. The band will be performing at the Sunset Stage for the first time on Oct 6, with the Portuguese members of Capitão Fausto, who will also be debuting in the Rio de Janeiro version of the festival. They mix progressive pop with psychedelic beats is one of the biggest references in the Portuguese pop scene. Capitão Fausto has already attracted massive audiences to their concerts, such as the one at the Lisbon Coliseum and has played in many festivals in their country.

About O Terno

The band’s current lineup comprises Tim Bernardes (guitar, vocals and piano), Guilherme D'Almeida (bass) and Gabriel Basile (drums). They released their first album in 2012: “66”. The album was considered one of the most impressive debut albums for a Brazilian band, and propelled them to the national mainstream scene. Rolling Stone magazine ranked it among the 25 best albums of Brazilian music that year. In 2012, Terno won the award for Best Video of the Year on Multishow, and Push Artist MTV on VMB. In 2014, they released the album “O Terno”, the group's first album containing 12 tracks written by the members. The 2016 single “Ai, Como eu Me Iludo” was a massive hit on social media with over 3 million views on YouTube, and earned them award for Best Video, by Multishow. In that year, the band produced their most recent album "Melhor Do Que Parece." Terno has embarked on tours all over the world and performed in countries such as the USA, Portugal and Spain. The new album is to be released in May.

About Capitão Fausto 

The pop group that made it to the Portuguese charts comprises the following members: Manuel Palha (guitar), Domingos Coimbra (bass), Francisco Ferreira (keyboard), Tomás Wallenstein (vocals and guitar) and Salvador Seabra (drums). The personal lyrics about teenage experiences and aging, which are on the 2016 album “Capitão Fausto Têm os Dias Contados”, were graciously accepted by the public and earned them recognition by the country’s music critics. The band's most recent studio work was recorded in Brazil. In partnership with Red Bull, “A Invenção do Dia Claro” shows the musical evolution of the group that is ready to play in Rock in Rio Brazil.

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